Miley Cyrus FLOCKS Flip Flops & Socks









  1. wait im a dude i can be homo about that

    • Kal your my bro soooo Im just gunna say your a wierd person and if you tell mom i said that i will break you!!!!!!!!!!!

      • whoa chill lil sis

        • why are you on my user name and im your twin sis u cant call me lil sis so get off my chiz

  2. selena looks hot no homo

  3. I know Kal I know

  4. Ha Ha sis I know Selena looks sooooooooooooooo HOT if you look at Jordan & Im a dude thats just messed up

  5. Selena wore her dress wayyyyyyyyyy better than Victoria and Miley sorry Tori and Im not Sorry slutley

  6. mileys socks and flipflops gag barfing

  7. OMG aly & aj look gr8 i think aly s is better tho :p

  8. Gag! Miley looks like she’s wearing a trash bag in that black dress!

    • ugh i know. sel’s dress is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay btr.

    • go 2 debates; the new page.

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