Posted by: hollistergirl22 | October 1, 2009

Miley got sick on her tour and ran off stage!

Miley SICK In Salt Lake, Walks Off Stage

In Salt Lake City, Miley got sick on stage and ran off!  Right now, she is in the ER, and her lil’ sis, Noah, is helping to take care of her.




  1. do i have to be waiting in moderation sophie you know me here!

    • idk y but my blog puts every comment n moderation even if the person who left the comment has left 100 comments b4

  2. OMG!

  3. poor goat… but why is she it the er? like everyone is sick and swine flu is just a big hype… like 5 of my friends had it

    • idk. srry!

    • yea my cousin had swine flu and 20 percent of ppl at his skool had it so they closed down his skool. n my opinion, ppl r making a big deal about it cuz its new. regular flu is much worse. but im not saying swine flu isnt bad cuz it is. i mean, who would wanna b sick? not me!!!!

  4. got sick like threw up or felt sick

    • idk. all i know is she got sick (i think emotional sickness cuz her goat just died)

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