Posted by: hollistergirl22 | September 29, 2009

Hot Pics of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Joins Taylor Swift UK TOUR

070809-justin-bieber-2.jpg Justin Bieber image by ladedafreakinda



  1. OMG the second one is my cozen nathon day not justin bieber, you can also tell its not bieber by the skin tone. my cozne reall dose look like bieber, even people on his facebook say hi bieber

  2. iiiilllloooovvveeeyyyyooouuu

  3. I kn3w Justin when i was in the 7th grade and i still no him i got his cell phone number if u want it reply and ill give it to u and i use to be his girlfriend in the 6th grade we kissed his lips were soft

    • You did!!Really???

  4. ..tnx for the justine,,

  5. aw, justin (: I know him ! He was my friend in the 7th/8th grade. & I live next door to him, hahaa !

    • kool! i know som1 who knows him 2.

  6. hay justin bieber i.m laki you ……….

    I love you justi …….. you friend jake t. austin

  7. heey justin,i heard ur song called “one time”…..
    i was pround of it….
    ur sooooOooo HooOoooT….!!!
    ur 15 and you sing like usher..!!!


  8. He i so hottttttttttttttt

  9. omg justin bieber is soo hot,sweet,cute to lol i would love to date him so bad me and all my friends love his song called one time =] and i love his other song called where are, you now that song is so sad =[ but i love justin bieber soo muchh he is my lover forreverr 🙂 wow he is 15 years old wow im year older then him im 16 years old lol but still i would love to date him love you justin bieber forrever baby xx (L)(K)justin bieber(K)(L)xx

  10. Heyy I love Him and Iam from NewZealand U girls in America r s00ooo lucky u could c him down the street or anywhere !!! I dream of living in America !!!! I just want Justin 2 come 2 NewZealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. whats up justin i just want to say i love you and give me a call a 1217–504-5771 and i was wanting to know if i could get some tickets to see u in consert and that way i can see you in real life and so i can see the real u with my own eyes and if i do get to get to see you i will love you forever and i justin

    love your #1 fan

  12. justin bieber please add me to msn please
    men please

  13. omg

    hes soooooooo cute

    i know him

    hes sooooo nice



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