Posted by: hollistergirl22 | September 28, 2009

Justin tours with Taylor

Justin Bieber is touring with Taylor Swift in the UK.



  1. hey wendy

  2. bye
    i noe im a nerd

  3. omg justin and taylor? who would eva noe but anyway i luv both of u and im happy dat u guys are happy if this isnt a publisity ting{i hope not} and i wish u all {every1} a merry christmas{honika[howeva it is spelled]}and a happy newyears yo 🙂 :} 😉 bye hehehe

  4. i think u are a good person 2 help me with my song and i hope our biggest dreams come true
    i will talk 2 u later

  5. i wish i can see u at a concert but i dont have a lot of money and i want 2 meet jusin bieber cause i believe in 1 love but i am a person who belives in life and i have a great personality so i really want 2 see u and him

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